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Commercial Stripout – Basingstoke

Commercial Stripout – Basingstoke

Site Clearance – Basingstoke

Main tasks

  • Removal of aluminium windows, including frame, glass, and chrysotile
  • Containing putties/sealants internally and externally to frames. Window
  • Reveals to be left ACM free and all window frames and ACM’s disposed
  • Off to suitable waste handling facilities
  • Asbestos removals

Our Procedure

  1. Attend site
  2. Sign in
  3. Receive site safety induction from p/c
  4. Receive all relevant site fire strategy from p/c
  5. Ensure current floor or working area is properly cordoned off from all other workers using red and white barrier tape
  6. At all times using respirator type cartridge pp3 face mask’s
  7. Wearing high quality anti-cut gloves and required PPE
  8. Walk through the project to plan the works with p/c site manager
  9. Hold trojan site safety induction
  10. Working under the direction of p/c site manager as sub contractors
  11. Working from the top down of a 10 storey building
  12. Using various hand or battery operated tools working from hop ups and the provided site scaffolding
  13. Remove wooden covers from units
  14. Carefully remove all window units within the scaffold area only that are know to be contained ACM in the putty working always to current HSE guidelines with a competent trained individual (cat b certified) to deal with any potential breakage of the the unit
  15. In the event of a breakage of glass or unit a HEPA grade industrial vacuum will be used to fully control and clean any putty released and disposed of into the sited skip (registered for asbestos and disposed of in the correct way with a full waste transfer note provided to the p/c at the end of the works
  16. Remove all remaining mastic and debris from the opening and dispose of
  17. Load whole units into goods hoist with exclusive use at weekends or when the rest of the site is empty
  18. Hoist to be cleaned fully after ever use
  19. Leave site in a clean and swept state
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