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Trojan KHD Brokk Hire

The ultimate solution for efficient and precise demolitions, available for hire at your convenience.

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Specialising in Brokk Demolition and Plant Hire Services throughout London and the South East

Situated in the heart of the Sussex countryside, our expertise lies in a diverse range of services including Brokk remote control demolition, Brokk hire, electric plant hire, skid steer hire, and comprehensive diamond drilling solutions. At Trojan Brokk Hire, we serve clients throughout London and the South East, with a significant portion of our business originating from satisfied repeat customers. Our clientele includes esteemed companies, and we also extend our plant hire services to the general public. Committed to an honest and professional approach, we strive to deliver services of exceptional quality. Every project we undertake adheres to the highest standards of health and safety, as well as efficiency.


Explore our cutting-edge electric demolition machinery and learn how we are leading the charge in promoting sustainability within the construction industry.


Specialised Equipment for your Demolition Projects, regardless of their size. Choose from our wide selection of electric options, ensuring both effectiveness and environmental consciousness.


Electric plant hire solutions, are designed to address all your demolition needs. Our flexible services can be customized to perfectly suit your requirements.

View our range of Brokk Machines for hire
Experience unparalleled efficiency and safety with our state-of-the-art robotic demolition technology.

With extensive expertise as a premier remote and robotic demolition contractor in the UK, KHD Brokk Hire stands at the forefront of delivering exceptional construction solutions. Our specialisation lies in offering electric plant hire and Brokk hire services across London and the South East.

Robotic demolition revolutionises traditional manual labour by employing remotely-controlled machines. At the forefront of this innovation are Brokk demolition robots, versatile tracked machines capable of breaking concrete, removing plasterboard, and cutting metal. With the convenience of remote control, a single operator can effortlessly manoeuvre the machine, utilising different attachments tailored to specific tasks.

Top Down Demolition Solutions

Top-down demolition is widely favoured for high-rise buildings, but its versatility makes it a common choice for low-rise structures with space constraints. In this method, plant and machinery are meticulously craned onto the property’s roof, allowing the building to be systematically demolished from the top floor downwards.

To ensure safety and structural integrity, props are strategically employed to support the weight of the machinery throughout the process. If you seek a professional and trustworthy company specializing in cost-effective and highly efficient top-down demolition services, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced team at Trojan Brokk Hire.

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