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Trojan StripOut Limited

Reliable, Safe Commercial and Retail Stripout throughout the UK.

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Trojan Stripout

Office & Commercial

We remove all services fixtures and fittings back to a bare structure in readiness for commercial redevelopment or refurbishment. For office clients, we offer meticulous strip-outs that encompass the removal of partitions, office furniture, and technical installations, leaving behind a blank canvas for future configurations. Trojan Stripout Limited offer our clients a wealth of experience, planning and executing commercial, retail, industrial and domestic strip outs.

Trojan Stripout

Shops & Retail

In the realm of commercial ventures, such as shops and retail spaces, our expertise lies in efficiently dismantling shelving units, display counters, and interior elements, facilitating seamless renovations and creating a blank canvas, preparing the area for a fresh and inviting layout. From our Sussex headquarters, we manage a vast range of projects on time and to an impeccable standard.


With extensive expertise as a premier remote and robotic demolition contractor in the UK, KHD Brokk Hire stands at the forefront of delivering exceptional construction solutions. Our specialisation lies in offering electric plant hire and Brokk hire services across the entire United Kingdom.

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Trojan Stripout

Warehouse & Industrial

When it comes to warehouses and industrial settings, our expertise extends to the systematic strip out of heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and partitioning walls, creating a spacious environment conducive to productivity. Our skilled team ensures the safe and efficient dismantling of structural elements, facilitating a clean slate for renovations or reconfigurations.

Trojan Stripout

M&E Strip out

At Trojan Stripout we have the expertise and experience with handle the largest of M&E Requirements. We offer a complete service for M&E Clients including Ductwork, ventilation systems, boilers, plant rooms and pipework.

Trojan Stripout

Waste Removal & Disposal

At Trojan Stripout, we understand the significance of responsible waste removal and disposal across diverse settings, be it commercial offices, retail spaces, or industrial warehouses. Our waste removal services encompass everything from general debris to specialised waste categories, ensuring a comprehensive approach to cleanliness and compliance.

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Horse Ghylls Wood Farm, Capel Road, Rusper, West Sussex, RH12 4PZ

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