Commercial Strip-out

Trojan Stripout are experts when it comes to commercial strip-outs throughout the UK. From a small shop to multi level office strip-outs, we provide an efficient, cost effective and safe way of conducting internal strip-out work.
With tight project scheduling and technical challenges you have complete confidence that you’re dealing with professionals. Trojan Stripout has the proven ability to effectively organise, plan and carry out commercial strip outs of all sizes.
We offer a complete service in coordinating all labour, plant and materials.
Trojan Stripout has extensive experience in undertaking all commercial refurbishments and we specialize in ensuring minimal disruption to business operations during trading hours.
Our strength lies in our flexibility of service delivery to accommodate clients.
Nobody appreciates down-time in the commercial sector better than Trojan Stripout so we’re available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It means your business has minimal disruption whether it’s a small cleanup or a full scale strip-out you can’t beat Trojan Demolition for punctuality, speed and efficiency.

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